Introducing the EXT.

The new EXT V2 is an updated take at the V1 EXT universal radiator stand that is designed for handling any size radiator that utilizes either the 120mm or 140mm form factor.

Made from 3/16” steel in the USA, this stand is a unit in its own right, and will securely hold and balance your external radiator without issue.

Now with a new sliding mount system, you have the ability to flip the radiator so that the end tanks can fit at the bottom for an additional placement option.
PREORDER INFORMATION: We are opening up pre-orders for the 120mm size EXT V2 ONLY. Our internal ETA for manufacturing puts delivery to us at the end of September, 2022. So October 1st, 2022 is when orders will begin to ship. The ordering process will be like normal, where Shopify will charge you for both the item and shipping. Again, these will be shipped to you at the beginning of October, so don't choose the fastest shipping option and then expect one to get to you before October!