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Introducing the LiquidHaus BLK. The BLK is the next product within the LiquidHaus ecosystem that is designed fully for pushing the limits of your new or existing watercooling loop. Utilizing over 15 years of watercooling experience and knowledge, there have been multiple ideas come up from necessity during various projects and builds. The BLK was a solution for providing a strong, anchored placement for a dedicated ‘in/out’ for an overall loop layout. During our rigorous testing, the BLK evolved past its initial purpose and slowly became the centralized focal point for our watercooling loops. In the end, the BLK has become quite the functional solution that provides next-level aesthetics.

The BLK utilizes your existing motherboard standoff locations. By removing your chassis’ original standoffs and replacing them with the included revised-height standoffs, your motherboard can continue to be mounted perfectly level, yet creates a centralized location where the BLK can be adjusted to your chosen location. 

The BLK comes in two parts, the motherboard side, and the BLK side. The motherboard side can be rotated and is also adjustable to accommodate your motherboard fully. Once the location of the BLK is decided, the standoffs can be tightened down and the motherboard then mounted. The BLK itself can then slide along the rail for even greater positioning within your PC chassis. Once the included M4 screws are tightened, locking in the BLK to the motherboard side bracket, you will have a strong mounting anchor point for any type of watercooling setup that you can imagine!



Each BLK will come shipped in a bubble-wrap lined envelope to keep shipping costs as low as possible. Please specify your existing motherboard standoff length, so that you know which revised-height standoffs to choose with your BLK order, as each BLK comes with only one size of standoff.

  • Includes necessary standoffs 
  • 3mm steel, black powder-coated
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States