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140mm EXT - 1/8" - Black Powdercoat

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  • This is the 1/8" EXT. Not as sturdy as our 3/16" counterpart, the 1/8" EXT can still handle the task of keeping your external radiator setup upright.
  • Made from 1/8" thick steel and powder-coated black, this 140mm radiator stand is recommended only for fully-built radiator setups up to 420mm. 560mm and up may cause the EXT to flex slightly. NOT recommended for dual radiator setups. For dual radiator setups, we only recommended the original 3/16" EXT.
  • Utilizing an adjustable mount system, this re-design allows radiator end tanks to be installed at the bottom, allowing more possibilities for tube routing or overall preference.
  • Includes two 1/8" aluminum spacers and four adhesive rubber dampening pads.