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The D12 is our second collaboration product with Stealkey Customs, being a slight evolution from our existing CubeTube collaboration.

The D12 is a 120mm based ‘serial-distro’ that was created for the sole reason of providing additional depth to your watercooling loop. It’s no surprise how addicting and fun watercooling your PC can be.

Complimented with a LiquidHaus logo in one corner and a Stealkey Customs logo in the opposing corner, the D12 is another way of creating a unique aesthetic for your PC. 

The D12 will come individually packaged and is ready to ship right away.

Included with each D12 are 4x 45mm length M3 screws, so you can mount it directly to a 120mm fan. Longer-length screws can provide even greater mounting possibilities, as well.