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Introducing the EXT XL.

The EXT XL is an updated take on our current EXT universal radiator stand, specifically designed for handling extra large radiators that are outside the traditional size range for cases. Made from 3/16” steel in the USA, this XL stand can be utilized in multiples ways, and will securely hold and balance your external radiator without issue.

  • Made from 3/16" thick steel and powder coated textured black, this two-piece radiator stand is designed to accommodate extra large radiators that can't fit inside PC cases.
  • With an updated mounting system, the EXT XL can be mounted vertically, or upside down. This new feature allows external radiator setups to be under your desk, or on your wall.
  • Utilizing an adjustable mount system, this re-design allows radiator end tanks to be installed at the bottom, allowing more possibilities for tube routing or overall preference.
  • Comes with four adhesive rubber dampening pads for desktop placement.
  • The EXT XL is designed to handle these size radiators: 180mm, 180mm Dual, 180 Triple, 200mm, 200mm Dual ( 400mm ), 1080mm, 1260mm, Quad 480/560.


Disclaimer: 200mm and 400mm radiators can only be mounted with end tanks upward when stood up vertically!